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The Perfect Cup Card is a loyalty program of Pacific Coffee. Get the card with a minimum value of $200 and you can accumulate points upon consumption at any coffeehouse of Pacific Coffee for redemption of food & beverage or merchandise items available in Pacific Coffee. HK$1 = 1 points while 20 points can be redeemed as cash value of HK$1 (equivalent to 5% discount). You can also enjoy the members' benefits offered by our different business partners. To find out more about the details and benefits of our Perfect Cup Card, please click here. New card purchase and top-up of your existing card can now be done online by following the instructions below. Double the benefits, double the convenience!

* The Perfect Cup Card can only be used at Pacific Coffee outlets in Hong Kong.

New Card Purchase (minimum amount of $200)
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  PIN Number :   Please scratch the foil on the top left
corner of the back of your card
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